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Leviathan EVO 3 is a revolutionary electronic trigger with integrated mosfet and Bluetooth communication. Add new firing modes, RoF controls, pre-armed, active brake, low battery indication, statistics, ... Everything is controlled through the application on the smartphone (compatible with iOS and Android) The device is completely integrated within the ASG EVO 3 Gearbox Includes full front wiring and Dean T connector, does not need soldering in its installation MAIN FUNCTIONS: Add new independent firing modes for each position on the firing selector (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO) · Three adjustable bursts (range 2 - 20 shots) · The shutter speed can be reduced to 40%. Add breaks between shots to reduce RoF. 0 seconds) · Electronic fuse to detect high current and avoid damage if something goes wrong · Low battery indication for LiPO (2S - 4S) and LiFE (3S - 4S) · Statistics screen shows data such as cycle time, consumption engine speed, firing speed or mosfet temperature. This information is useful for fine-tuning the Gearbox settings. · The application shows the battery voltage value. The colored lines indicate the battery charge status · The user can save multiple settings · The update function corrects errors and adds new functions to the device · Three shot counters. Total count of each shot over the life of the device. The user can reset the user counter at any time. The Leviathan EVO 3 can be used with any gearbox and rate of fire upgrade. · The wiring allows for quicker and easier installation on the weapon. No soldering required · High quality 1.5 qmm (AWG16) power cables with MPPE insulation · The outer diameter of the cables is only 2.06 mm · Formable coated plate, protects Leviathan EVO 3 against water · For a correct pre-assembly function it is necessary to have a functional Anti Reversal Latch · Compatible with common batteries up to 17V · The device increases the firing speed and the battery lasts longer · With the active brake activated, the piston and spring they are completely liberated, Installing this device in the Gearbox requires advanced technical knowledge and skills - Please read this information before installing your device to avoid damage - A short circuit or improperly connected battery will cause immediate damage to the device that is not covered by warranty. It can cause fires or even the explosion of the battery - Disconnect the battery when you are not using the Airsoft gun. Otherwise, it will completely discharge the battery. The device consumes a small amount of current all the time - Do not connect the battery when the gun is pointed at you, another person or an animal - Do not modify, repair or put in any type of liquid or thermal shock the device Leviathan EVO 3


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