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PTS PT174450307 M4 170R Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE (EPM1-S AEG) BK

PTS PT174450307 M4 170R Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE (EPM1-S AEG) BK


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The PTS® EPM1-S AEG magazine, made with the same technology as our EPM1, is a short magazine for M4 that has an incredible capacity of 170 round balls and offers the same reliability that all PTS chargers have long been famous for. The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE Short, or EPM1-S, is the most advanced and highest capacity AEG Mid-Cap magazine ever made. Aptly named EPM1, this magazine is the FIRST in many ways: EPM1 is the first collaborative development between PTS and Odin Innovations EPM1 is the first Mid-Cap magazine for AEG to rival the capacity of a high capacity magazine with its approximate capacity 170-ball · EPM1 is the first AEG magazine with an "ammo indicator" window to indicate the remaining level of balls · EPM1 is the first magazine to reliably achieve both high load capacity and high rate of fire. Externally, the EPM1 has also been significantly upgraded. As with the original EPM and all PTS polymer products, the EPM1 housing is made of Dupont Zytel® polymer which makes it extremely durable and strong. Another feature is the Magwell guide to reduce snagging when removing or inserting into the magazine pocket or Magwell of the rifle. Our signature EP texture has been implemented in the case to give the charger a better grip and tactile feel. The texture along the edges has been changed to ridges for an even more positive feel and allows the EPM1 to be compatible with the Magpul Maglink® charger coupler. The base of the EPM1 has also been completely redesigned. The sliding design makes the motherboard more durable and resistant to damage or shock if the charger is dropped. It's also significantly thinner than first-generation EPMs, so stacking or storing the chargers takes up less space than before. The heel of the base is sloped to act as a monopod during supported shooting and, as before, a marking matrix is ​​incorporated into the base for magazine identification. The ribbed front edge provides a better grip on the magazine when it is removed from the magazine pocket and is now incorporated into the EPM1 magazine main body. The new and improved ball pusher is the result of our design collaboration with Deranged Designs. The improved pusher keeps the spring pressure focused and aligned with the row of balls rather than adding lateral pressure to the row and against the walls of the magazine ball channel. This new design greatly improves ball feed speed and consistency and completely prevents a ball from slipping past the pusher and causing a jam. The most significant and innovative external feature of the EPM1 is the flow indicator window. ammunition. With the new and exclusive orange charge level indicator, you can immediately tell if the charger is full to capacity, its approximate remaining capacity or if the charger is empty. When the charger is fully charged, the level indicator will be displayed at the top of the window. As you shoot the balls from the EPM1, The orange indicator will travel down the window to the bottom of the window, at which point the magazine is emptied.This high-capacity EPM1 AEG Mid-Cap magazine can store and fire up to 170 balls with the same reliability per the one that all PTS chargers have been famous for for a long time. It is compatible with most M4 / AR-15 rifles on the market, including Tokyo Marui, G&G, KWA, G&P, VFC, including HK416 series, PTS PDR-C, PTS ERG, PTS Masada AEG, AMOEBA AM variants and many more Features: Dupont Zytel® polymer housing Capacity:


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PTS PT174450307 M4 170R Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE (EPM1-S AEG) BK

PTS PT174450307 M4 170R Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE (EPM1-S AEG) BK

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