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HSGI Double Decker Taco® MultiCam Alpine


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Double Decker Taco® combines a modular pocket charger and a modular rifle pistol magazine pocket in a single unit that can carry endless combinations of chargers and other accessories. An original Taco® pocket forms the basis for saving a USGI, HK, PMAG, ARC, FAL, AK 30/40, LR20 and M14 charger safely remove and allowing easy and silently when necessary. Double Decker Taco® also © n can be compatible with certain radios, stun grenades and smoke grenades and occupies only 7.62 cm of horizontal space. In addition, on the front it has included a Pistol Taco®. This versatile Pocket is compatible with most gun chargers: 1911 HK 45, M9 / 92 Beretta, Glock, XD. Pistol Taco® also © n may contain a variety of multi-tools and flashlights. Double Decker Taco® side uses polymer injection molded, Cordura 1000D in front and back and elastic cord adjustment . Ensures effective and adjustable sujeccin charger without additional fastening systems. However, if additional retention is desired, the top tabs have sewn to attach the charger by elastic strap (not included). In addition, a loop of Velcro sewn inside HATH for those users using adhesive Velcro in their boots specifications. · Made in USA · Material: Cordura 1000D, injection molded polymer · Dimensions: 5.


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HSGI Double Decker Taco® MultiCam Alpine

HSGI Double Decker Taco® MultiCam Alpine

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