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JEFFTRON JT-LEV-NG Leviathan NGRS Optical (Rear Wiring)

JEFFTRON JT-LEV-NG Leviathan NGRS Optical (Rear Wiring)


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Uses optical sensors for selector plate and sector gear detection · Unique RFTS trigger system simulates the feel of a real gun trigger. Adds secondary resistance when trigger is released after firing. The feel is comparable to shooting with real caliber 22lr in AR15 · Adds new independent shooting modes for each position on the shot selector (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO) · Three adjustable bursts (range 2 - 20 shots) · Preserves detection of Empty magazine like the original weapon · The rate of fire can be reduced to 40%. Add breaks between shots to reduce RoF. Provides fast firing response even at very low firing speed, firing speed or mosfet temperature. This information is useful for fine-tuning the Gearbox settings. · The application shows the battery voltage value. The colored lines indicate the battery charge status · The user can save multiple settings · The update function corrects errors and adds new functions to the device · Three shot counters. Total count of each shot over the life of the device. The user can reset the user counter at any time. The power meter is reset by connecting the battery · The error log shows errors made during the life of the device · For added security, the Bluetooth connection can be disabled · Leviathan controls the current, Leviathan NGRS direct electronic module with rear wiring · 40A fuse, 2 Faston connectors and a Dean T, red wire and heat shrinkable · 2 screws with washer to secure the device in the Gearbox · 2 foams to keep the device in place · Leviathan adhesive black 40 mm · Installation manual in English SAFETY WARNINGS: Installing this device in the Gearbox requires advanced technical knowledge and skills · Read this information before installing your device to avoid damage · A short circuit or improperly connected battery will cause immediate damage to the device. device that are not covered by warranty. It can cause fires or even the explosion of the battery · Disconnect the battery when you are not using the Airsoft gun. Otherwise, it will completely discharge the battery.


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JEFFTRON JT-LEV-NG Leviathan NGRS Optical (Rear Wiring)

JEFFTRON JT-LEV-NG Leviathan NGRS Optical (Rear Wiring)

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